Rewards and Points

BLOSSOM POINTS – A Bengal Blooms Customer Loyalty Program

Here at Bengal Blooms, we want to reward our loyal customers by offering a 'Blossom Points' scheme which enables to you earn points with every purchase. We are proud to offer a customer reward scheme which enables you get a little something back every time you buy a beautiful bouquet!

For example, if you purchase is Rs 750 you will earn 75 Blossom Points. Each Blossom Point is worth Rs 1, which you can use as part payment on your next order... or you can save them up for bigger discounts on future purchases!

It is so simple to begin collecting your Blossom Points. As a registered customer, log in to your account, place your order and your Blossom Points will be automatically added - so whilst treating that special someone to a Bengal Blooms bouquet, you also collect Blossom Points to treat yourself!

You can redeem your Blossom Points against any bouquet or bunches product you like. You can access your Blossom Points account at any time and it is up to you when you redeem your Blossom Points.

Look out for bonus Blossom Points on some products to maximize your earning power!

The table below gives an example of the number of points you can collect and how much they are worth (an illustration).

Item Ordered


     Points Earned




 75  Blossom Points

    Rs 75 off your next order!



 45  Blossom Points

    Rs 45 off your next order!


Blossom Points FAQ

What are Blossom Points?
Blossom Points is a reward scheme from Bengal Blooms.. Every time you order, you collect Blossom Points, which you can use to receive money off your next order with us.

How do I collect Blossom Points?
You collect Blossom Points on every order you place at Bengal Blooms. If you are a registered customer, the points will be automatically credited to your account.
If you cancel or return an order to us, we reserve the right to cancel the Blossom points awarded to that order.

How much are my Blossom Points worth?
You collect 1 Blossom Point for every Rs 10 spent. For example, the Rs 750.00 purchase will earn you 75 Blossom Points. Each point is worth Rs 1 so 75  Blossom Points will get you Rs 75 off your next order, equal to 10% cash back!

How do I redeem my Blossom Points?
If you have Blossom Points in your account then you can claim them during the checkout process on the final order summary page before the payment. You can use them as part or full payment on your order. If you have collected enough Blossom Points, you can send a bouquet using Blossom Points as full payment!

You can only redeem Blossom Points Online at You cannot exchange them for cash or other items. Blossom Points are not transferable.

How can I check my Blossom Points balance?
You can check your Blossom Points balance by calling our toll free number or via email to our customer support desk. During an order request a point’s redemption request can also be placed.  

Do I have to register to claim Blossom Points?
In order to collect and store Blossom Points you do need to be a registered customer. The points that you accumulate will be stored in your account for you to save money on your future orders.
We do offer a 'Just Checkout' function for customers who wish to place an order without registering, but you will not receive any Blossom Points for orders placed this way.

Do I receive Blossom Points if I place my order over the telephone?
Yes, Blossom Points are awarded for telephone orders as well as online orders.